Bee A Sweetie Community Organization -  campaigning for chemical awareness

Welcome to 
Bee A Sweetie 
Hi I am Sweetie Cheresse

I have created Bee A Sweetie as my way of giving back to the community and sharing knowledge that I have learned on my path of awaking and awareness. 
My partner Ericka came on board and together we have created and perfected the 
Bee A Sweetie Self Reliance Program  

Together we teach people ages 4 to 100 how to gain self reliance through 
awareness and gardening 
We encourage you to 
  • take what you learn here as "one to grow on" please go and investigate for yourself. 
  • take a look at the products you use for nourishment, beauty and home care.  
  • compare what you see here to what you see on the labels 
and if you dare........
  • research for yourself 
  • call the companies and ask questions
and if you care.........
  • began to make small changes that have major impact on the health wellness and beauty of your family 
and if you need help........
  • don't hesitate to contact Sweetie  

I make my own sunshine
Alyssa Bonagura
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