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Home care 
The biggest issue, we believe, in the home is inhalation and it is ever increasing with the frequent use of aerosol cans, pump sprays, and home fragrance products leaving our respiratory tracts and nervous systems in real trouble. 
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This could be prevented by proper use of protective gear like gloves, a mask that protects from fumes and particles, and some gargles. But this all makes cleaning house sound like a science project  or like your cleaning a bio-hazard zone.

 Its much more simple than that really. It is in fact as simple as they make it look in the commercials, but the thing is the chemicals in those products being used in the commercials are not so simple for your body to tolerate. 

That type of advertising is know as green washing. Green washing is when a product is presented as natural, organic or generally healthy for you and actually isn't. 

When you couple green washing with the lack of personal investigation like label reading and asking questions your seemingly safe home becomes a toxic mine field of chemicals.

 Looking at this commercial you would believe that it is perfectly safe to inhale this product however this products does contain several harmful chemicals.
Isobutane:   a neurotoxin
Propane:    another neurotoxin
seems tome your nervous system is at risk.                                            
This is a form of green washing. 

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Lysol Spray Commercial (1981)
Television commercial for Lysol disinfectant spray. (1981)

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You would think that this was a natural juice because it says 100% natural flavor but 
remember everything is about technical terms and definitions.
It says NATURAL FLAVORS that has nothing to do with preservatives sweeteners and colors.
look here and you will see that high fructose corn syrup is and ingredient and that is definitely not natural.
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Lets look at this product that appears good for you but contains 

sodium hydroxide
This mineral-based ingredient increases the pH levels in our products for improved cleaning cleaner, laundry detergent
*This is also found in beauty products and toothpaste.
This would be a somewhere in between its better than some others but no where near natural.

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Signs of green washing 
1. Sin of the hidden trade-off–advertising based on a narrow aspect of the product while not reporting its entire environmental impact.
2. Sin of no proof. If a product’s claims about being green can not be proven with easily accessed data.
liars  Bee A Sweetie  Beauty  Coaching  Consultations  Bee A Sweetie3. Sin of Vagueness–Green claims so poorly defined you can’t follow up and   prove it.
4. Sin of Irrelevance–Green marketing about environmental improvements may be true, but their impact is so margin that it makes no sense or is already required by law. (CFC-free is the example they use; it’s irrelevant since CFCs are outlawed.)
5. Sin of less of two evils. Environmental claims that a product may be greener than another product in its category, but that simply distract consumers from the fact that the whole product category is just plain bad for the environment, like organic cigarettes.
6. Sin of fibbing. Right what it says it is. Terrachoice says this sin is pretty uncommon
7 Sin of worshipping false labels. Marketing and artwork that gives the impression of a third-party or green underwriter endorsement when the product does not, in fact, have the certification.

When it comes to green cleaning there is no true "good for you product" not even companies like seventh generation ( It becomes an issue of better than or do it yourself. No matter what you choose you should always follow certain precautions.
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Use products with care:

  1. always open windows before you begin to create air flow 
  2. wear a mask when dealing with chemicals to prevent particle inhalation.
  3. wear gloves to protect your skin
  4. use mildly warm temperature water preventing steam and decreasing inhalation risk, every little bit counts 
  5. always pour water into the container first and follow with cleaning agent, to prevent chemical splashing
  6. be sure that pets and children will not be the area during the cleaning process
  7. after you are finished with the chemicals, clean your tools thoroughly with mildly warm water 
  8. now clean your surface with pure water in an attempt to remove as much residue as possible
  9. its preferred that you wipe up moisture left behind but if not, allow the area to totally  air dry before bringing children and animals into the area.  
What we suggest 
We recommend that you take advantage of the budget friendly, family friendly,  pet friendly, and eco- friendly, bull by the horns approach to home care.
 We have D.I.Y recipes for a few in home problems, as well as book  and product recommendations. 

Here is a link to a list of household chemicals to look out or by the Cancer Prevention Coalition.

Books we have read, resources we use and websites we have visited and recommend:

1. The old farmer's almanac Special Bookstore Supplement

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2. Organic housekeeping by Ellen Sandbeck 

3. Organic housekeeping by Ellen Sandbeck
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4. Green up your cleanup by Jill Potvin Schoff

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D.I.Y chart for home care
We will periodicly update this chart with new tips as we find them and try them.
If you have questions feel free to contact us via email at if you are a member feel free to text us with your full name or member number ready.

Products/ supplies
stinky sink
 (garbage disposal)
hot water, orange, lemon, ;lime, grapefruit peels, 
run the hot water and  drop  the peels in with the garbage disposal running
odor in the freezer
 cotton rounds, pure vanilla extract
wipe the freezer with a cotton pad dampened with pure vanilla extract
odor in the refrigerator 
a cloth, vinegar, water
make a mix of 50/50 vinegar and water use the cloth and mixture to wipe down the inside of your frefrigerator
storage container stench
warm water, baking soda
soak plastic containers over night in the mixture
for glass mix one teaspoon powdered mustard and one quart warm water 
musty clothes
water, vodka, spray bottle
make a mix of 20/80 20/water and 80/vodka in a spray bottle then spritz garments with a small amount of vodka; hang them in a well- ventilated area 
(spot test first) vodka leaves no scent     
stinky carpets
baking soda, vacuum 
keep animals and children away while you sprinkle the baking soda over the area let sit for an hour then vacuum up 
fresh grease stains
corn meal, spoon, vacuum
pour on enough to cover the spot let sit for 15-30 minutes then vacuum to remove
hard to clean surface
 (like grease on the stove)
pure castile soap, baking soda, sponge
add enough soap to 1/8 cup of baking soda to make a creamy mixture. apply with sponge to cleanse rinse well
shine appliances
baking soda, cloth
  rub a small amount with a cloth on the appliance and rinse 
Clogged shower head
 Is your shower head performing at is its highest potential?
Fix it: take a sandwich bag fill it with vinegar. put the baggies over the shower head till it is submerged in the vinegar use the trash can tie  to hold it on overnight in the morning remove and use your shower as usual.

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