Bee A Sweetie Community Organization -  campaigning for chemical awareness

Our Growth

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1990- At age 9 my mom became ill with lupus, this is when the understanding of sickness and wellness became a major part of my life.
2001- This year I enrolled in cosmetology school where I was introduced to the healing power of aromatherapy by Ms. Robinson. The seed was sown and I began  my education in the study of herbs, oils and flowers.
2003- I began working in Pampering
You day spa
and salon with Ms. Lovette
the owner and certified natural health care practitioner. There I exercised my talents and knowledge by making products and performing spa services to benefit a variety of clients, treat ailments from dry skin and hair loss to arthritis, and even chemical burns. It was in my years here that I witnessed herbal supplements help my mother conquer lupus. Which has been undetected in her system since 2005.
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2009- I learned that my
Ma-Ma (grandmother) was diagnosed with bone cancer so I began researching cancer and I became aware of the connection between lifestyle and lifespan.
bee a sweetie bee jpeg  Bee A Sweetie  Beauty  Coaching  Consultations  Bee A Sweetie 2011- What a year this was; my
 Ma-Ma crossed over due to her illness and I had had enough. I decided that if the people and organizations that we trust to inform and protect us wouldn't live up to the challenge to the best of their abilities, maybe they needed help. So, we would have to help them help us.
It is becaue of our understanding of wellness, sickness, and  their connection to our lifestyles that we research and inform our public, to able them to make healthier decisions in wellness and beauty not only for themselves but future generations.

2012- We began our journey starting our garden with the help of the parks and people foundation and our friends and family

2016- A simple garden program grows into an outreach program bringing simple gardens to the homes of Maryland

How to save a life
The fray
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