Bee A Sweetie Community Organization -  campaigning for chemical awareness

Bee A Sweetie Community Organization Program
  • Each summer Sweetie selects 2 organizations to provide the 8 week spring/summer self reliance program to between May and August.
  • Each organization is responsible for providing their own listed supplies.
  • Bee A Sweetie will provide all lesson plans and worksheets for the program 
  • Each organization must have space for group projects to stay on site for weekly learning 
  • Bee A Sweetie ask that each organization make a from the heart donation that will help keep the program going, helping with the cost of worksheets, other educational aids and travel cost 
8 Week Spring/ summer self reliance program outline
 Week 1: Elements of gardening
·         Seeds
o   Identifying different seeds
o   Reading seed packets
o   Sowing seeds (Tomato)
·         Soil
o   3 types : clay, sand, silt
o   It’s function in gardening
·         Sun
o   Its function in gardening: Photosynthesis
o   How much sun: full, or partial
·         Water
o   Its’ function in gardening
o   How much and how often
o    Water cycle/ rain water
o   Easy watering: water bottle project
·         Bugs
o   Good bugs vs Bad bugs 
Week 2: Parts of the plant and plant transplanting
·         Preparing the new/old pots
o   Cleaning and filling with soil
·         Removing plants from their old pot
o   Care and awareness
·         Root care
o   Separating for growth
o   Moisturizing
·         Repotting
o   Filling and watering
Week 3: Harvest, germinate and DIY with Apple, Orange, and Strawberry
·         Seed collection, cleaning, germination, and storing
·         DIY strawberry body scrub
·         DIY orange cleaner: free mom from chemicals
Week 4: Growing food from food featuring potatoes, and a pineapple
·         Preparing to grow
·         Pineapple care card and all about pineapples: benefits for the body activity
Week 5: Composting: creating a bin
·         Preparing the container
·         Elements
·         Layering
·         Care
Week 6:  Carrots in a cup
·         Sowing carrots
·         Carrot care card and all about carrots: benefits for the body activity
Week 7: Fun with Apples and Oranges
·         Sowing your germinated apple and orange seeds
·         Care cards and all about apples and oranges: benefits for the body
Week 8: Sow those potatoes
·         Sowing your germinated potato spuds
·         Care cards and all about potatoes: benefits for the body
Supplies you will needed
1.       Organic potting soil
2.       Packs of seeds: tomato, carrot
3.       1 large pot (for class project)
4.       Small paper cups (dixxie)
5.       Shovels or plastic spoons
6.        Permanent markers
7.       Popsicle sticks
8.       Floral seedlings
9.       Small terra cotta pots
10.   Strawberries
11.   Oranges
12.   Apples
13.   1 Pineapple
14.   Potatoes 
15.   Zip loc bags
16.    Shallow wide plastic bin
17.   Large deep plastic bin
18.   Electric drill
19.   Sticks and Leaves
20.   Newspaper
21.   Large plastic cups (red)
22.   Crayons, color pencils, markers, paint
Per participant
·         8 cups of organic potting soil
·         8 small paper cups (dixxie)
·         2 small terra cotta pots
·         1: orange, potato, apple, strawberry
·         4 zip loc bags
·         1 floral plant for transplanting

Lesson plans, and learning materials will be provided by Sweetie 
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